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Why you should consider Australia as a place for international education

When you think of Australia, beautiful wildlife and blue oceans probably come to mind. Whilst the country is certainly famous for its natural beauty, it is also emerging in the field of world-renowned education. We give you the top three reasons as to why you should definitely consider Australia as a destination for higher education.

Australia is home to some of world’s best universities and is emerging in the field for global excellence. The University of Melbourne and Monash University are ranked in the top 50 best universities in the world, highlighting the premium academia and research present in the country.

Students will be taught by leading lecturers and researchers in their field, and will be exposed to a curriculum specifically designed to challenge their thinking and accelerate the way towards success. Australian universities acknowledge and appreciate that the career field is rapidly evolving and seeking individuals who are critical in their learning approach and innovation, and the curriculum has adapted to enhance creativity. To assist with innovation and creativity, Australian universities are equipped with the latest technology and top-quality teaching equipment, giving students the opportunity to make the most out of the degree. Furthermore, there is a wide range of degrees to choose from, allowing students to tailor their education to what they find most interesting and engaging. Many degrees also have built-in internships and industrial placements, allowing students the ability to get work experience and gain skills. Students will have the opportunity to translate their classroom learned theories to the practical work scene. Australian degrees are highly valued and respected globally, hence gaining an education and work experience from the country will increase student’s likelihood of achieving their dream career.

Another strong factor making Australia a popular student destination is the living standards offered by the country. Australia is constantly ranked amongst the top countries for the highest quality of life. This is the standard of living which accounts for the level of wealth, comfort, and goods available to a person1. Australia ranking among the top countries in this indicates that students are likely to have an enhanced quality of life accompanying their studentship at a world-renowned institute. It ensures that students are exposed to the best life opportunities outside of the classroom. Moreover, Australia is a multi-cultural country, filled with friendly people from all over the world. Students will have the opportunity to socialise with people from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds and learn from other cultures. This will accelerate the process of settling into another country and finding like-minded individuals, so students will feel instantly at home.

Finally, Australia is a traveller’s paradise and hosts countless number of natural landscapes. The country has a thrilling and exciting blend of vibrant cities, luscious green landscapes and sparking blue beaches.  It is also home to some of the most exotic animals residing in sunny deserts or spectacular sea life in the Great Barrier Reef. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fast-paced cosmopolitan city life offered in Sydney. The city is packed with diverse cuisines, countless number of sightseeing locations and versatile experiences, ensuring that you have an unforgettable time. 

If you are looking for a relaxed weekend or day out, then head to one of the countless beaches along the country’s extensive coastline. You will be greeted with blue, crystalline water framed next to soft, golden sand. It is the ideal relaxing and sunbathing location. An interesting fact about northern Australia is that it has sunny weather all year around, allowing you to head to the beach anytime of the year. Natural landscapes are also a must visit if you’re in Australia. There are many rocky mountains for hiking and climbing, serene lakes and natural islands and reserves to indulge in. The country prides itself in the wealth of natural reserves it has, visited by million globally. Students can have the luxury to travel and explore and make lifelong memories and experiences lasting beyond their academic years.

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