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Why you should study in Europe



The reasons for pursuing your higher education in Europe

Europe. Defined by a stable economy, rich heritage, thriving culture and an unbeatable academic reputation. It’s a top destination for not only tourists, but also a rapidly growing population of international students. Below we summarise the top three reasons as to why you should consider an academic career in Europe.

1. Highly reputable academic location

Europe is brimming with world class universities, giving you a continuous list to pick from. The quality of education offered in Europe is unbeatable, and is one of the reasons that the continent is so highly respected in this field. Students are taught by professionals that are leaders in their respective fields and introduced to groundbreaking ideas. According to the QS Top Universities

ranking, 5 out of the top 10 universities in the world are situated in Europe1. These are some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious academic places like Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and ETH Zurich. Universities in Europe offer a limitless range of degree options, giving you the luxury of tailoring your education to your preference and maximising the full benefits of your time at university. Universities not only offer undergraduate, postgraduate degrees and PhD, but also PGDips and PGCerts. Furthermore, undergraduate degrees in Europe last for an average of 3 years, compared to other places in the world where the average is 4 years.

The ETH Zurich university, located in Switzerland, is one of the best universities in Europe and the world

This means that students may be spending less on their education overall. Some countries like Germany offer degrees for very low-cost tuition fees and some even without any tuition fees. Additionally, there are many generous scholarships available for international students to aid in their living and tuition fee costs which students can apply for.

Universities in Europe are leading in groundbreaking research and equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Thus, they are well-equipped with the resources needed for delivering outstanding academic education and research. The research carried out in European universities impact people’s lives everyday through the realms of affecting policy making, influencing stakeholders in global businesses, and affecting social norms. By studying in European universities, students will have the opportunity to be a part of such research and postgraduate research degrees, and PhDs can allow students to pursue this further.

2. Excellent career opportunities

By being an international student in Europe, you will be exposed to the thriving job market that the continent holds. Many degrees have built-in work experience, or give the opportunity to add on an industrial placement year. This gives students real life work experience that cannot be obtained from lectures alone. In most European countries, international students can work alongside their studies, provided that the legal conditions are met. Not only will this give you insight into the career field that you are interested in, but will also equip you with an environment for self-development and skills improvement. The skills that you will achieve from work experience will improve your CV, which will enhance your likelihood of getting employed. Industrial placement year, in particular, give students a chance to work with top-tier companies and organisations directly related to their degrees. Work experience also allows students the ability to network and make connections with people in their field which can be utilised even after graduation.

Iceland, a small European island, displays exquisite natural beauty3

3. Remarkable travel locations

London, Paris, Madrid, Rome and so much more. Europe is home to many of the most famous cities in the world and is visited by millions of people annually. European cities are rich in culture, history, and heritage. They are filled with beautiful architecture studded with breathtaking beauty and can be found in all European countries. The Colosseum in Rome, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and the Hungarian Parliament Building are just a few of the many architectural iconic buildings in Europe. 

Furthermore, Europe is a hub of culture and whilst travelling you will meet people from all over the world and taste different cuisines. The continent has a variety of tourist attractions. You can get the high-street shopping experience in London, Paris, and Milan but also the immaculate and serene beaches located in Spain and Greece. And if you are looking for a more relaxed environment, you can visit the towering mountains and glittering lochs of the Scottish Highlands, or even the green and luscious national parks in England, Croatia, Germany and Iceland. Europe is also extremely well connected, allowing people to travel with ease and comfort. Studying in Europe will give students a top-tier education which is respected worldwide, employment opportunity, and the option of indulging in breathtaking travel experiences.

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