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Medicine. One of the most challenging yet highly rewarding and life changing degrees. It is one of the most competitive degrees to get into, but is also one of most intellectually stimulating and self-developing. Medicine is a very unique degree as it is a combination of rigorous academia, the latest cross-cutting technology, and empathetic social interactions. Choosing to study medicine will increase your knowledge of the psychological intricacy of the human body, and give you a vast range of skills. The human body is a work of complex processes and reactions and understanding it is an art. Medicine will equip you with the knowledge that is needed to understand how the body works, and also how errors in simple processes can lead to deathly diseases.  It will give you the knowledge needed to lead and guide others towards healthier lifestyles. Furthermore, the medical career is studded with the latest technological innovations. Medical procedures work with the assistant of technology, and so working in this field will put you in the lead and grant you the access to the latest technological advances and equipments.

One of the most important aspects of a medicine degree and a medical career is that it gives the ability and knowledge required to enhance health. Offering empathy and support to those who are suffering, whether great or small, is one of the greatest and fulfilling outcomes of a medical degree. Medicine relies greatly on social interactions. The ability to communicate carefully and understand patients or colleagues will allow you to provide excellent service in the field. Additionally, working in the medical field will provide you with numerous skills which will not only help you in your career, but also in everyday life. Medical professions require teamwork, time management, the abilities to work under pressure, prioritise, and delegate tasks. No two days are ever the same in the medical field. It is always dynamic, always progressing, and always evolving.

A medicine degree is extremely valuable in the job market. With your scientific knowledge and wide range of skills and experiences, you will stand out from other candidates in the employment sector. Doctors are in demand almost everywhere worldwide. As the healthcare system expands globally, so does the need for healthcare professionals to support the infrastructure. Since medicine is such a highly versatile field, there is an endless list of medical careers. General practitioners, surgeons, veterinarians, and public health policy makers are just a few from which students can choose from. A degree in medicine offers job security and career stability. It allows you to start working after graduation, accelerate up on the career ladder, and continuously supplement your knowledge and experience in the field.

The UK is one of the best places to pursue a medical degree. According to Times Higher Education, five UK universities are featured on the top ten for medicine in the world1. These universities are world renowned institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, and Imperial College London. Studying a top tier degree such as medicine from one of the most prestigious universities in the world will undoubtedly give you the best education and increase your employability. UK universities also place an important emphasis on clinical experience, and thus medical degrees are designed to reflect that. Medical students will be exposed to a balance of academic studies and practical clinical experience, allowing them to maximise their time as students optimally.

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