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The best reasons as to why you should study in the USA

The United States of America (USA) is one of the top countries with a large international student population in the world. A long list of universities boasting academic excellence and a lively student environment are one of the many reasons as to why the USA is a popular destination for students.

Firstly, the US is filled with world class universities that are constantly being ranked in the top universities on the globe. According to the QS World Ranking 2022, five of the top ten world universities are American1. Furthermore, the Times Higher Education has also ranked seven American universities in its top ten list2. Thus, this indicates that the US is an internationally recognised country when it concerns academia. Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University are a few among the many reputable academic institutions of the country. Not only this, but American universities are well known for having a high standard of research and teaching, allowing students maximise benefits from their studies.

MIT, specialising in science and technology, is constantly ranked amongst the best universities in the

Another crucial point which pinpoints the US as one of the best places for higher education is their widely flexible education system. Universities offer a wide range of degree courses and programmes, allowing you to tailor your studies exactly to your liking. Students have the liberty to select the structure and content of their programme, giving them more freedom to explore their interests and develop skills in their desired field. Majority of US degree programmes are 4 years in length. In the first two years of the degree, a wide range of subjects are delivered in order for students to gain a broad understanding. Subsequently, the final years of the degree (also known as your ‘major’ subject) allow students to focus and dive deeper into their chosen field of interest. This useful process gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge in a range of areas (which is especially useful in the competing global workforce) but also expertise in a specific subject, guiding them further into their careers. Additionally, one unique and very popular feature of the US higher education is the ability to transfer to another university and carry over existing credits. This helpful feature isn’t something which is seen very often in other countries and is one of many reasons making the US so favoured among international students. Therefore, if students do not get into their dream university initially, they will still have the opportunity to do so later on in their degree programme. You have the choice of completing some of your credits in one institution and carrying over those credits into another institution and finalising your degree there. This excellent feature allows students to be able to utilise the benefits of more than one institution. Furthermore, it can also be cost effective. Starting out in a lower costing college, and then transferring to a more expensive one can help students save money overall.

Finally, the US education system places a very strong emphasis on work experience and internships throughout the academic journey. The US has one of the strongest economies in the world, and an abundance of job roles catering to all professions and interests. Obtaining real life experience in the job market will provide you with insights that will be extremely valuable for your future career. Doing work experience in one of the world’s strong economies will allow you to showcase your skills and experience globally and help you to stand out from other students.

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